Saturday, 31 March 2007

sunny saturday

It's a lovely sunny day...

And this morning I was woken by the post man delivering these beautiful flowers!

They're from my mum & dad to say thanks for looking after the animals last week. I already told them that it was a holiday for me and they did me a favour, but they are very kind and nice so have sent these instead!

They (the flowers and my parents!) are lovely... with that and the sun, what more could a girl want!


amisha said...

those flowers are gorgeous! how sweet of your parents. (and are those tomatoes in the pot? mine have grown about 6 inches in the past week with the warmth... even the first little flowers showing... amazing!)

Sarah said...

They are tomatoes! And they have been shooting up too! They are on a mission to reach the sky... am looking forward to all the juicy tomatoes they will (fingers crossed!) produce... yummy :)