Friday, 9 March 2007


I have only recently discovered the joy of pineapples. Throughout my childhood I was a rather fussy eater, sausage, mash and processed peas being my favourite. The only fruit I would eat (read: nibble then leave to go brown) was the occasional apple, but as time's gone on I now eat pretty much everything (or everything vegetarian at least). In fact I love cooking and trying new food, but it never crossed my mind to try pineapple. I think subconsciously they are something I would sometimes pester for when at the supermarket with my mum, and she would buy one saying 'but only if you eat it', and it would go slowly rotten in the fruit bowl, the next time I picked one up, careful of the spikes, you can imagine the reply.

So anyway, about six months ago my friend bought a packet of ready prepared fresh pineapple and asked me if I wanted a bit. First instinct told me I didn't like the stuff, but then I remembered 'I like stuff now!' and bit into my first chunk of juicy yellow goodness. Mmmmm. We were on the bus and the juice ran down my arm. And I've loved them ever since.

I've discovered yarnstorm's posts about pineapples today too, that pineapple tea cosy is amazing! What a great idea, I love it!

And check out this rather fetching pineapple hat!

Am off now to eat my pineapple, oh the joy! What a treat, what would my 7 year old self say to that I wonder...

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amisha said...

i adore a good fresh ripe pineapple... and they are lovely grilled too!