Friday, 30 March 2007

cake as reward

Well I didn't know if I would make it to today (being as melodramatic as I am about these things). At the beginning of the week Friday seemed like such a distant prospect.

But actually this week has been ok. Very busy day today sorting out the hundred and some dissertations handed in. It takes me back to the day I handed mine in, the difficulty of letting go after all that prolonged hard work. But it was worth it! For nostalgia reasons, here are some photos of my essay...

Seen as it's Friday I decided to reward myself with a giant slab (and slab is the right word!) of cake from my favourite cake shop down the road. Mmmmm, dark chocolate icing.

Anyway, as I have no impending deadlines, I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend of reading, drawing, cleaning (yes, cleaning, the relaxing bit is sitting down in a nice tidy house afterwards...) and perhaps a small amount of playing with my boyfriend's new Transformers...

That Optimus Prime really started something!


tiffany... said...

hooray hooray! you did it!
that cake looke so delicious... i'm so jealous!
i always love reading your comments on my blog! they always make me smile! thank you!
i hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend ahead!

Sarah said...

Thanks Tiffany, same goes!