Friday, 18 September 2009


Ahh Friday, its been a long week.

This weekend will hopefully include finishing off the last of the wall papering upstairs, and some cleaning of dust and some sorting out of things. I've been trying to do a box a night this week, and opening up and looking through the boxes of stuff that have been closed up these last 6 months is asking me feel like I don't want a lot of it anymore. I don't want to take it out and put it on a nice clean shelf in a freshly clean, decorated and empty room.

I'm questioning why I have a lot of the things I do. A lot of it is stuff that really I shouldn't have packed and moved here in the first place, things I have just because they're there, bits and bobs, junk, sentimental things and potentially useful things, bits of paper, elastic bands. I know I have a problem with hoarding stuff, but recognising that doesn't seem to make it any easier to get rid of! Its not easy to throw it in the bin; I can't stand the guilt, the waste, that's often why I keep things... (and the bin men are on strike and the rubbish is piling up in the street and I can't add another bag to taunt me every time I walk out of the door). Most things are ending up in the charity shop box, which is good I think. I'm trying to put things in there when I'm feeling strict and then not look in it again (more than once I've had to stop myself looking through it and getting things back out... I'm now sliding things in through the top flap without opening the box!) I really don't want so much stuff in my life anymore. It can drag you down can't it.

Sometimes I wonder if I can face the many boxes in the attic... but it's good to go through this I think. I hope it will make me think twice before keeping things in the future; before acquiring things, buying things, making things and any other way that I find myself with things. I've got enough for now.

And some pictures of empty corners in my house. Some more finished than others :)

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A rambling rose said...

Oh i'm so with you on this one - sometimes I wish I was a writer with just a laptop instead of all the art stuff - on top of all the other stuff - I am moving and doing a major declutter because I just don't have the energy to cart it all with me - like you most of it to charity shops - but also car boots and freecycle - here's to less stuff in our lives!!