Wednesday, 1 August 2007

pin cushions

I've been doing a bit of sewing recently as you know. Normally I keep pins the odd pin or two I need just stuck in the leg of my jeans (perhaps not the best plan, I know!) But when I was making this bag I found I needed to use lots more pins and as my boyfriend doesn't appreciate pins being left all over the carpet (can't think why?!) I grabbed myself a pin cushion...

Now I say 'pin cushion', but what I actually mean is 'old pair of balled up socks'. Hmmm.

So today I decided to make myself a proper pin cushion with this great tutorial from whip up. In fact it was so simple that I had to make another... one for upstairs and one for downstairs! There's no stopping me now!

And what a lot of lovely comments on my post yesterday, thank you all so much! The winner will be announced on Friday so there's still time if you want to be in with a chance!


Catherine said...

They are so cute!

redredday said...

hi Sarah! i love these new pin cushions you made! so cute and pretty. thanks for pointing to the whipup tutorial...makes me want to make some too.
but i also think your sock cushion is an ingenious idea! so simple. why didn't i think of that before?? hmph.

p.s. happy 101 post!!! :).

tiffany... said...

cute cute cute... those are some cute pin cushions. i should make myself one... !

paper. string. cloth said...

I too, am impressed by the sock pincushion! But your Whipup ones are gorgeous.... It must make a refreshing change from book binding to do a little sewing project once in a while....Every now and then I get sick of sewing and make a book instead!

Sarah said...

A change is as good as a rest they say!