Monday, 29 November 2010


Cold dark nights. But the kittens are loving the real fire, laying out belly up on the cushion, no work for them in the morning. They like climbing in the log basket too, picking out tiny bits of stick to chase around the room and kill.

Today I went for a walk through the snow across the park to Headingley and the wool shop... so many lovely colours and textures and I wish I had more money. But Christmas making is a good excuse to spend half an hour choosing 3 balls of wool and now I just need to find a way to knit without cats thinking its play time (what am I saying, it's always play time!)

Some winter trees, with sun as big as it gets. I walked home through the woods at dusk, orange sun shining across snow.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

bit of a catch up

I've been making lots of books recently, and even taking photos of them, but I've been really rubbish about actually posting them on here. So...

Lots of herringbone books and custom concertina albums...

Custom guest books and albums for weddings (I like doing these, but it makes me wish I was doing it for mine. Must get organized on that one!)

And fancy books and forest books (among other things) for the Presence exhibition at The Manor House in Ilkley. The Manor House is a really beautiful venue, I'm really excited to have my work there. The exhibition is on until the beginning of January next year and if you're near Ilkley its worth look.

I'm also running a workshop at the opening on Saturday. Its one of lots of drop in workshops and I'm going to be making these pop up trees. The perfect alternative to a real tree if your house has kittens that like to climb ;)

Maybe see you there? x

Monday, 15 November 2010


10 weeks old and they've been here a week. I'm amazed how fast they've made themselves at home, showing me that I'm crazy to worry about such hazards as the gaps behind furniture, the stairs, the shelves, the curtains... they are the best toys. Or the best race tracks at least. And how they love the fire!

I wanted cute close up face pictures, but turns out they don't stay still long enough for that, but I think these suit their personalities perfectly...

Coco on the left and as yet unamed 'stripey face' on the right. Both have sharp claws :)

And I wonder if they're trying to tell me something when they walk calmly over to where I'm sat typing and put a paw down firmly on the delete button...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


One side and the other. Thinking about leaves falling, covering the earth in my garden. Covering my desk.

Monday, 1 November 2010


Wind outside. Its been dark for hours already. Coal tits on the feeder out the window in the sunshine today, great tits, a robin, a nut hatch.

And I know I'm putting off sitting down and making a start. Knowing it's the hardest part doesn't make it any easier.