Friday, 25 March 2011

along shackleton hill

A windy walk on the verge of spring. Lines of trees.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I was tidying my studio this week, maybe even Spring cleaning, and I found some paper cuts I made a while ago. I liked them at the time but wasn't sure where to go with them so put them away to work on something else. And them forgot about them (that's the beauty of working full time, renovating the kitchen and practicing art at the same time. Oh, for hours of uninterrupted time to focus... unrealistic I know.)

I'm starting to pull everything together for my upcoming exhibition now; getting everything out on the table, seeing how it works together, how it could be displayed, if anything is missing, what needs to go. And isn't it always the way that after a period of working hard and working consistently and regularly that ideas really start to flow, I know this, but am always surprised by it, and especially as a deadline looms!

It feels like the things I've been working on are starting to come together, but now there are lots of other things I want to make too. And these paper cuts have got me thinking. I know it's this pressure that makes good things happen; it's the reason that I make that hard decision about how something should be instead of putting it away in the cupboard for later (see above.)

I like how a little bit of what's below is revealed, framed, the springy book held still for a minute. I like how sitting an object on top makes the placement look intentional, and it gives it a different meaning (more potential for a story perhaps?) But maybe its too fussy, too decorative, too obvious, detracts from the object. I don't know, too many choices. Maybe they should just stand by themselves...