Sunday, 20 December 2009

art in unusual spaces

I found it's pretty difficult to take photos of an art instalation that's supposed to be viewed by looking through a peephole. The glass is shiny and full of reflections, the light inside is dim (and my camera phone is probably not the best tool for the job) but anyway I had a go...

Perhaps you can get an idea? A glimps. And I quite like the legs walking past in some of the reflections... I wonder how many people stop to peep...

The exhibition is in the Georgian Arcade in the Merrion Center, Leeds (ie. round the back of Morrisions :) ) until the middle of January.


Oh I'm sure this poor blog is feeling very neglected. It's not that I haven't been making things, it's just there seems to be no day light for taking pictures, no time to find the cable for unloading, no words in my head.

Most of the christmas making is done; chutneys and shortbread and crudge (like fudge but gone wrong, kind of hard and sugary...) fabric baskets to pack it all in, snowflake cards, needle cases and pencil cases. Christmas decorations consist of 6 tissue paper snowflakes threaded onto cotton and half heartedly tangled at the window. Some clementines on a plate. Perhaps next year when the curtains are up and the pictures are up and the kitchen is done (and we haven't both got colds) perhaps then we'll have a christmas tree. A real one, to plant in the garden afterwards and bring in year after year.

It's snowing and it's beautiful. Crunchy.

Friday, 4 December 2009


Still no curtains. But there are curtain poles now, and a carpet too. Getting there...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


A photo album made for a friend; 50 pages of soft but sturdy paper, sewn concertina spine (to create extra swell so the photos won't force the covers open), grey and black bookcloth covered hard covers, rounded spine.

I wanted to keep it really :)