Friday, 4 July 2008


Well, I made it to the exhibition at the Owl and Lion gallery...

click on the picture to see it bigger!

Some great books, all on their own little shelves, which I thought was rather nice :)

The books that struck me the most were those of artist Ellen Knudson, such beautiful craftsmanship (definitely something to aspire to!)

I love visiting Edinburgh, the winding streets, alleyways and steps. I love how you look up and see streets on bridges above you, almost Escher like... I found time to visit the lovely Red Door Gallery packed full of printed and handmade goodness, and my friend found a complete set of natural history encyclopedias in a secondhand book shop for a bargain price. So even though the journey home was a long one (We arrived home at about half past 5 in the morning, in the glorious sunshine, birds singing, looking forward to getting up for work in 2 hours...) it was definitely a trip work taking :)

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Hilary said...

So glad you made it all the way to Edinburgh to see the exhibit. It is inspiring to see such beautiful work, isn't it? Hope you were pleased with how your books looked in situ.