Wednesday, 23 July 2008

double eek!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my post yesterday (and I'm sure it was nothing to do with a giveaway hazel you cynical thing :) ) Anyway, you all really made my day! It was quite nerve wracking overcoming my feelings that I won't be able to make good enough stuff (because the closer I come to putting something in the shop the higher my standards seem to become. I think its a subtle, yet successful, form of procrastination...)

So far so good though, and I've sold from (and restocked) the shop :)

Now, down to business... I decided (because I'm feeling super happy) to have not just one, not two, but three winners of the giveaway I mentioned in passing yesterday (whilst trying to bribe you to tell me what you think of my shop :) ) I wish I could give you all a prize, but my finances don't stretch to that much postage, so this randomly generated three it is...


Send me your addresses and a little present will wing it's way to you tomorrow :)


Carol said...

Congratulations on those sales! I think you'll be kept busy keeping the stock up. Your work is beautiful so don't have any fears that anything you do isn't good enough. It's good you have such high standards.

Kaija said...

Oh I'm so glad I happened to stop by just the right time! Thanks so much in advance :)

Ali said...

Me??! Really! I am so excited. Off to e-mail you now. Thanks!

Ciara said...

Oh Sarah, thank you! My first blog prize!
I am honored ...
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Ive just stumbled across your blogspot while researching into artists' books and hand binding. I also visited your etsy shop site. I must say i am most impressed at your blog and your work and it's representation on-line. I am here in Australia and work in a small regional art gallery that specialises in artists' books and works on paper.I feel an interest for the gallery in your work. I'm not the director so it's not my call but i can see your work being sold and/or exhibited at the gallery. I will mention you to the director.

You seem to have many bound books of very interesting form and construction of high skill.
do you have any books with content?

I have recently returned from South Korea where I was invited to attend the Seoul and Seoungnam International Bookarts fair. Mindblowing! There i have been inspired to make international connections amongst artists. Currently I am doing preliminary gathering for an exhibition i intend to curate here in Australia.

I have added you to my friends-links on my blog (its really only just begun)...i hope u don't mind.

Anyhow ...Much best wishes to you and i hope your enthusiasm continues
... and the sun keeps shining for u. :)