Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Today I've been shoe shopping. Not something I relish... I have to find some nice smart shoes for a wedding on Friday (yes it's in 2 days, yes I know I've left it very late!) As I was trecking round the shops in my lunch break and after work I kept getting flashbacks... of hunting for school shoes with mu mum, the week before the start of term, every pair too clumpy or clompy or high or flat or shiny... the list goes on. And today was no better.

I thought it might be good if the shoes were high heeled (smarter?) and matched my outfit (which is already on version 3 as, as you may have guessed, I don't really like smart clothes so keep on swapping them.) But, the only shoes I could find that I could walk in made me look like a man (in my opinion) and now I'm home I've realized that I shouldn't really spend £60 on something I will only use once, make me feel silly and will probably cause me an ankle injury...

So, I've decided that on my final day of shopping opportunity I will play it safe and go with a nice flat plain pair that make me feel comfortable (both physically and mentally!) I think that's the most important thing isn't it...

Anyway, in between stressing about shoes I made a couple of books to add to my collection of structure examples... If only I was organized enough (and skilled enough!) to make some shoes of my own as well :)

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