Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Today I had some sad news. My mum got home from a short trip out to find two of our beautiful chickens dead. A dog chased them and killed them.

I only saw them yesterday, I know it sounds silly, but it makes me feel so sad to think of them scared and in pain. And it makes me angry that some people don't keep their dogs under control.

I'm telling myself that Twiggy and Linda had happy, free range lives, much more so than many chickens (although perhaps its looking up a bit for them too...) 


Anonymous said...

i know how you feel - we had chickens and a rooster harassed and then taken by a fox once. hope the others are ok xx
ps. are they all named after supermodels? egg-celent xx

Ali said...

I hope the dog owner was mortified.

amisha said...

oh no sarah... i am so sorry. thinking of you. xox

Shirl said...

So sorry to hear this .... :0(

Carol said...

Oh Sarah, so sorry to hear about Twiggy and Linda. I'm sure they had wonderful lives with your family (our Marilyn and Tilley certainly do) but it is so senseless when a dog manages to kill anything. I love dogs so much but their owners should take more responsibility. And hey, that's a gorgeous book from Rhonda! Carol