Saturday, 29 March 2008


Rainy day. But I'm wrapped up cozy and warm inside, with a slab of chocolate wedding cake left over from my cousin's wedding yesterday and a nice big cup of tea :)

This is the present I made for them (and I did iron it and frame it before I passed it on, just didn't get chance to take a better picture...) It's the third sampler I've made up, a mixture of motifs from books and made up bits, and its a process that I really enjoy. In the past I've used graph paper to work out the design but this time I used the pencil tool in photoshop to colour in pixels... it seemed to work ok (although I'm sure there's a simpler way that I haven't thought of) It was helpful that each motif could have a separate layer and could be moved about freely.

The wedding was lovely (despite the rain!) It feels good to see the family I grew up with changing and growing and taking on new roles in life, and it felt good to celebrate that all together yesterday... and the cake was good too :)


Sarah said...

What a gorgeous present! I love that you are so talentedand creative.

Sarah said...

Ahhw thanks Sarah, it was a three day solid cross stitch marathon!

BlackCrow said...

The power of suggestion, now I have to put the kettle on and eat some biscuits:) and read and contemplate your work..thank you.

Sarah said...

You're welcome blackcrow! (glad to be a cup of tea and a biscuit inspiration :) )