Tuesday, 15 May 2007

the wonders of string

One day last week I noticed that the old underpass near my bus stop had been cleared of all the rubbish and junk that normall half fills it. And what should appear there today!



Sarah said...

What a funny surprise! I love it it. But there are lots of questions to be asked:
How? When? Did they get all tangled up?

tiffany... said...

whoa! that's amazing!

Jessica said...

That is wonderful and amazing. I remember making those (on a much smaller scale) in elementary school art class.

amisha said...

magical! i wish i could see that instead of the construction site i pass each morning :) xo

Sarah said...

Not sure how they did it but it's pretty impressive isn't it! I think people have been messing about with it now though, some of the strings have snapped and pinged off, which is a shame, I think I was lucky to see it at the start!

I used to make those too, perhaps that's why I'm so impressed by this one!