Wednesday, 30 May 2007

caught thinking...

My friend just sent me this picture of me, taken in the Lady Lever Gallery, in Port Sunlight, Liverpool. It's an interesting place, full of Chinese porcelain and English Wedgewood, jade dragons, Egyptian pots, various furniture, tapestries, paintings in huge gilt frames and slightly saucy sculptures of Victorian ladies. All mixed in together in the gallery, the collection of a rich Edwardian who made his money in soap.

We went to see my tutor's exhibition; bronze casts of everyday things; carrots, rubber gloves and spoons, placed amongst the other objects in the gallery, in the glass cases and behind red rope barriers, to perhaps draw our attention to what we value and how we show it.

Many visitors didn't like it, their comments in the guest book saying 'how can you call carrots art?' but perhaps that's the point... anyway... I had a lovely thoughtful day.

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amisha said...

i really like the idea of everyday objects cast in a material like bronze... the weighty, traditional material meeting the 'commonplace' and making it something else altogether. sounds like a very interesting day!