Sunday, 13 May 2007


The bank called me today. Some nasty person has stolen £500 pounds from my account. They went shopping online at Tesco with my card details. What a cheek!! And now I have to wait til monday to sort it out (but I think it will be ok...)

A tree to cheer me up :)


tiffany... said...

i'm sorry that happened to you
what a stinker!
(but, oh... my fond memories of tesco...)
i love the tree

Sarah said...

Oh no! That's terrible! But how? Hope the bank honours it and gives it back to you.

Sarah said...

Not sure how they got my details, could be anywhere I suppose... I will find out on Monday if I can get it back, fingers crossed!

amisha said...

oh, that is so rough... hope it gets sorted out soon!
beautiful photos today and loved the flowers too...