Monday, 31 August 2009


Well, so far so good with the floor laying... after hours of putting boards down, measuring, marking, taking boards back up, cutting, wiggling (hitting with a hammer) measuring a bit more and then cutting a bit more we finally got to the fun bit of gluing (like tomato sauce on a hot dog) and slotting it all together. And I managed not to lick the plaster before it dried (thanks Ali :) ) We have to wait until the glue dries before we can move all the furniture over on to it and finish the other side (oh the joys of diy in a room full of furniture!) but when it's done I'll have some pictures (and a living room, hurray!)

Anyway, I forgot it was a bank holiday today (luckily I remembered just in time not to go to work) so the announcement of the giveaway winner is a day late... but, better late than never, I hope! The random number generator (which happens to generate numbers from random atmospheric noise, I thought that was interesting, perhaps this number came from a cumulonimbus...) told me that the winner of the forest notebooks is Clara! So Clara, if you email me your address I'll get your books in the post asap :)


Mishy & Ange said...


I think you are lovely, so I gave you a blog award! Pass it on. X

BookGirl said...

Sarah, I am beyond thrilled at having won your forest notebooks. I so admire your work. Thank you! I'll send my address via email.