Saturday, 8 August 2009

in progress

Feather screen prints. I'm not sure which way to go with them. Last week I tried out three different colour combinations but something is still not quite right. So I thought I'd post them here to have a think about them and perhaps help me decide... But when I've come to upload them they're in grey scale (a lesson about checking the scanner pre-sets there) so not much use in comparing colour combinations! They should be grey/dark blue, dark blue/goldblue and dark green/goldgrey...

Or maybe it is useful to see them like this. Because I think I like the grey ones best of all! Perhaps it's something to do with cutting colour out of the equation and just seeing the tonal values (like blurring you eyes to see colour differences). I've realised I definitely want the white spot of the magpie feather to stand out, which doesn't happen in the other two as much, and perhaps the outline is too much as well? Maybe simple is best in this situation... (you can see the outline on the 1st and 2nd images, if you click on them)

I was looking again at the colour samples I made the other day, and there's something I like about them which I think might be slightly missing from these prints. A kind of freedom perhaps. Evidence of my hand. I think at least some of that is down to the screen printing process, it is by nature flat. But I still think there's something more I could do, at the positive producing stage to give these prints something. Maybe it's to do with that white spot on the magpie feather... a blob of white...


louloulovesbooks said...

i love the middle one!
it looks so delicate like the feathers
but what do I know?

Jessica said...

I do like the grey - the last one looks wonderful, if you could find the same color grey t-shirt that print would be great on a loose fitting t-shirt.