Sunday, 30 September 2007

treats II

Yesterday I made trip to an artists book fair in Manchester with a lovely friend of mine, Helen. I always have mixed feelings about these types of events because although I am really inspired by the work on show there I always feel slightly bad that I didn't have a stall myself. Silly aren't I! Anyway, there was some lovely stuff there, some beautiful intricate pop-ups, unusual etchings and paper cuts. I definitely feel a bit inspired to create some new books...

Helen also had a lovely surprise for me when I met her. She brought me a fat roll of various sheets of beautiful paper. A friend of a friend of hers worked for a paper importing company that went bust and she has somehow ended up with the left over stock; a huge box of a few thousand sheets of paper. A few thousand sheets! I think I would have a heart attack if someone gave me something like that!

So thanks Helen! And no excuses now eh? Lots of inspiration... New paper... I'm off to get making!


Riverlark said...

I don't think there's anything more wonderful than the gift of paper! I love picking out one or two sheets for book-y friends as a suprise or birthday treat.
I think I *would* have had a heart attack if someone gave me all the paper you got yesterday. Have fun with it!

BookGirl said...

I have a terrible case of paper lust. I love receiving paper as a gift, and it's usually the first thing I think of as a gift for book-making friends.