Monday, 17 September 2007

nice change

I know I complain about my job (although not so much recently I hope, I've been trying to be more positive about life in general...) I moan on about how it's boring and not me blaa blaa. Well today I can say no such thing. Because today everyone in my office spent the day at the local allotments as part of our efforts to be more involved in the community, and what a brilliant day!

Our task today was to help with the clearance for the traditional native hedge they have begun to plant right around the outside of the 5.5 acre plot. It will eventually become a nature walk for local people and school children and also an important area for wildlife. Here's the section we worked when we arrived...

We cut through brambles, thistles, bindweed and ten foot high triffids (well, it seemed that way at the time...) but it was actually really satisfying just to get in there and rip away at it all! And after chopping and raking and digging and a few thorns in our fingers we stood back to take a look...

Voila! All ready for the new plants to move in and live happily ever after!

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