Wednesday, 15 August 2007

perfect little birds

I've had a bit of a busy stressful day at work today, on the phone all day for clearing, so I though I would tell you about something that will definitely cheer me up...

The other day I received the most lovely gift in the post, from Marianne at applehead. One of the beautiful Japanese books she found in Melbourne, can you imagine my reaction when I found out she wanted to send one to me!

I'm actually lost for words at the generosity and just... perfectness (I know it's not a word) of this gift. It's so me in every way, I think she certainly knows me, even though we've never met!

And she included some of her lovely postcards, what a treat! Of course I'm trying to make her something extra special in return, although I doubt it could make her as pleased as I am... I really love this aspect of blogging, both giving and receiving really is such a joy. When I began blogging it never crossed my mind that all this fun parcel sending would be part of it, but it's such a treat to be involved, to post something out to someone that makes their day, and to hopefully do the same in return. Look at the little birdies!

Yes blogging is definitely good for the soul!


Sarah said...

Here here! It's the kindness of strangers who become blogging friends who give us some hope and joy!

Di said...

I agree - the blogging world has really opened my eyes to a world of generosity! Marianne has also sent me some postcards from her Small People collection! So sweet!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful book, how wonderful to receive such a lovely package. I agree blogging is good for the soul!