Wednesday, 29 August 2007

more spots

I think sometimes that I have a lot to say; a lot of thoughts and words, when I've got a problem, when I'm feeling down or annoyed or fed up. I can go on for ever analysing my feelings, pondering... And sometimes I think I forget to notice when I'm feeling happy and enjoying life. Perhaps it's because I'm off doing things and don't have time to dwell, perhaps it's because I don't want to jinx it (oh, I'm such an optimist you know!) perhaps it's because I don't want to sound all smug, but anyway... today I have decided to make a point of saying I think I'm feeling pretty good!

I had a nice week last week to spend time to myself, and get on with what ever it is I like to do, bit of sewing, walking, reading (watching rubbish uncool TV without my boyfriend turning it over...) I got to spend lots of time with my dog and all the chickens and generally get back to nature a bit. When ever I spend any amount of time back home I come back thinking I can't live in the city that much longer. Anyway.

Yesterday I went back home again for my sister's birthday tea party. I've got quite a big family, lots of aunties and uncles, 10 cousins, and we always get together for birthdays. Nothing fancy, just tea and cakes. I'm the youngest on my dad's side of the family and oldest on my mum's, so there was always lots of people to play with growing up, but when my youngest cousin turned 15 four years ago it seemed that perhaps we were a family of adults now. It all got a bit civilised! No more fashion shows with clothes from the dressing up box, no more treasure hunts in the garden, no more general bossing about of my cousins...

But yesterday I arrived late (after missing my train, by about 3 seconds, why are they never on time when you're there early?!) to find a house full of kids again. 5 to be exact, and 2 babies. And I suddenly realised that the apparent adultness in my family was just a few years whilst everyone got old enough to have babies! Hurray! So I had a lovely evening playing games and chasing chickens and pulling silly faces at babies (and I tried not to boss them all about too much...) It was a total mad house but definitely great fun.

And I think Amy (my sister) liked the bag I made her, an adaptation of this. This time I wanted the bag to be less wide and more tall, I changed the front to just one big pocket with a button to keep it shut, and I added an inside pocket. The more sewing I do the more I enjoy it. Yes I definitely must make one of these bags for myself!


Riverlark said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! I missed you last week when you didn't have an internet connection.

amisha said...

the bag looks wonderful!! and the time away sounds just perfect. glad you are enjoying these times when everything is going well :) i love those big family gatherings with lots of little ones running around. sadly my family is so scattered they don't happen too often!