Friday, 3 August 2007


I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment. You see today at work a student called the office to make a complaint. She ended up having a big go at me for something that wasn't me fault. She wouldn't let me speak, when I tried to explain she hung up.

I don't like how it made me feel, but I know I should just forget about it. And I definitely shouldn't let it ruin my day! Anyway, I'm off out for a nice spicy curry tonight, that should blow the cob webs away...

And tomorrow I'll tell you who won the give away!


amisha said...

i am so sorry that this happened to you... what a rotten feeling to be yelled at for something that doesn't have to do with you. but i have to admit i am giggling about your tags for this post... 'curry' and 'rudeness' :) hope that the curry helps!

Sarah said...

The curry worked wonders thanks! It's all forgotten now, I just wish people would be polite on the phone! Ah well!