Wednesday, 7 May 2008

2 books

Ooops! Well, I never meant to be away for this long... I'm not sure what I've been doing really, I've certainly not got much to show for my time away, I feel to have spent most of it at work! It's getting really close to the end of term now, and although I'm trying not to let students stress transfer onto me, I'm sure it's not really entirely possible. Oh, why do we always seem to leave things to the last minute?? (And I most certainly include myself in that statement...)


I've started going to yoga again, and swimming too, but I'm still in the oh-this-is-making-me really-tired phase. Roll on phase 2 (the whoo-hoo-i'm-full-of-energy-hurray phase, and as yet, un-reached in my life so far, but I know its out there...)

So, two little books. 

The pages of the first one are sewn in using pamphlet stitch, starting on the outside of the covereach time and leaving the ends fairly long. I like it :)

But, I thought it might be nice to have the knot without the dangly ends, and so instead of cutting the thread after the first page I just kind of carried on going... I used a kind of kettle stitch to tie off the thread at the end of each page, and it seems to work!

I'm pleased with this book as it's the first binding I feel I've really thought of for myself, without seeing a picture first or peeking at instructions. It just seemed to come to me, and even though I'm pretty sure it's nothing new at all (I'm not that tired) I'm still happy as it means my brain is still working. Always a good thing :)


Rhonda said...

these both look lovely! great idea for using the pamphlet stitch this way.

Carol said...

Very nice use of the pamphlet stitch, both ways. I like your exposed spine mock ups too, it's all great for lots of practice. I have a strange little collection of covers that didn't work that I keep to remind myself of just what you say - if it's not right when you cut it then it's just not going to be right at all.

Riverlark said...

They're lovely, Sarah! Welcome back...I missed you!

Anonymous said...

man alive! i know what you mean about the last-minute-ness. at least yours are getting stressed though. theses gcse kids we have need to be tied to a rocket to get them moving faster!
never mind. we try.
and loving the bookbinding work. i did a module on that, loved it. you should do some tutorials so we can try it out. consider it an official request.
ps. i'm still on the 'i'm to tired to go' phase, not reached the 'it's making me tired phase yet'! keep it up!