Thursday, 22 May 2008


This isn't the book I showed you the other day... that one was going so well... spine rounded, case measured and covered and pressed and dry. It all seemed to fit really well, and when I glued it there were no glue finger prints on the inside (imagine that Kaija!)

But it was totally wonky. The book block was lined up with the cover just right on the fore edge, but the top had a gap of about a millimeter whilst the gap at the bottom was about 4... rubbish! I had a bad feeling about the book from the start though. I don't think the block was totally square... I wasn't feeling it, if you know what I mean. I should've know it would turn out wrong!

Anyway, this one is much better! (I did mess up the edge by trying to trim the endpaper just a little bit... What's the lesson? Get it right first time or leave well alone! (this one doesn't apply all the time, but you get the idea :) ))

And I'm sure last year this iris was purple... 

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.girl ferment. said...

Love the understated cover fabric. Looks like a books that could be well loved and carried everywhere.