Tuesday, 8 January 2008

more books

I had a post in my head yesterday. All neatly written and articulate and to the point; a perfect post. But I fell asleep on the sofa and now its tomorrow (today). Oh well.

A few more books. The last few are experiments in binding onto cords as on Thursday a student is coming in to make a book using leaves, and as this is the method she wants to use to bind them together I need to make sure I know how to do it... This is my job?! I love it :)


Jessica said...

are these just blank journals or do you create stories in them as well?


Sarah said...

These books are blank, an experiment to try out a binding that one of my students wants to learn tomorrow. But I do make books with images and words too (although more images than words!) Recently my books have been mostly blank as they're practice models; i'm trying to improve my binding skills!

amisha said...

best. job. ever. :)