Saturday, 12 January 2008

knitting is fun

I like knitting. For ages I could only knit and purl; scarves and bags (and bandages?) were about my limit. But then one day (just like that) I learnt to increase and decrease, and suddenly a whole new world appeared before me; a world of hats and mittens and cardigans and...

...rabbits! Hurray!


Amy said...

Oh Sarah!! He (or she?) is SO cute!! How adorable. I admire your fascinates me that people can knit 3D objects! Knitting a straight scarf is the extent of my limited knitting knowledge...and I'm sure I'd have to consult a book to learn how to cast on again (it has been a long time since the last scarf!!) Well done :) x.

Anna said...

that is sooo cute! i do like the fluffy tail. am waiting for the knitting season to start here!

amisha said...

so incredibly cute!
i have been wanting to try knitting an animal for ages now... somehow the little bits have always intimidated me. i need to just go for it i think! xox

lesleyg said...


I read your blog regularly as I love making books , just like you, as well as printmaking etc but I am prompted to leave a comment for the first time becasue of your sweet little rabbit. Love that fluffy tail! Could I be cheeky and ask where you found the pattern as I'd love to knit something for a freind who's just had a little boy. Bunny would be perfect. Thnaks


PS Love the books you made from the Keith Smith books without glue. Have you read the Clare van Vliet book about Interlocking Book Structures? You might be interested in these.

Sarah said...

Hi Lesley, thank you for saying hello, its always nice to meet new people! The little rabbit is from Debbie Bliss "Nursery Knits', there are some lovely little toys in it, and they all have matching outfits! My Grandma gave me the book and I've knitted this rabbit quite a few times, he's so cute isn't he! (and ps. I don't think you're cheeky at all!)

I haven't heard of Clare van Vliet, the book sounds really interesting, right up my street, I'll have to check it out, thanks!

S x