Thursday, 28 June 2007

school trip #2

I'm really enjoying my new job. (Shame it ends in two weeks, hope they ask me back after summer!! fingers crossed!!) It's so rewarding to be able to help the students with their drawings, and their understanding of art. Today we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, to see the Goldsworthy exhibition (and it didn't rain, hurray!).

Although there were a few complaints of 'I'm not walking on poo' (the country park is the home of many sheep and a few geese...) and 'this drawing board is too heavy, will you carry it for me' (my answer: no, carry it yourself. Am I mean?!) it was a successful trip.

We began by doing some sketches of Barbara Hepworth's 'Family of Man', bronze sculptures placed on the hill side amongst the trees. A good opportunity to think about form and shape and size, and how these effect our perception of an object.

It's also good to be able to walk amongst the sculptures and touch them, something we are so often forbidden to do in a gallery. And the colours of the copper and bronze are beautiful.

Some great sketches were done (especially when I could convince them to draw the backgrounds or use a bit of colour or tone) I think the drawing lessons of the last few weeks are starting to pay off, you can see them actually looking, which is brilliant! It makes a real difference.

So after visiting the Goldsworthy stuff (a treat for me and the students seemed to like it too!) with aching feet it was back on the bus, then home for a nice cup of tea. Happy days.

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amisha said...

i love sculpture gardens for that reason... a chance to get up close and personal with these wonderful tactile pieces. it looks like a lovely day with your students!