Friday, 6 April 2007

trees and thoughts

Hmmmm.... what shall I write about today? The sun is shining outside, the birds are singing (it's spring! it's spring!) and I've got the day off work, hurray! It's amazing the difference an extra day off can make to my state of mind... all I need to do is capture this feelng and extend it to everyday life, now there's the challenge!

I've been trying to make these trees pop up today. Not too sucessful yet, the paper is too flimsy, think I need to go back to basics, again... but i'm enjoying the random letters that appear on the trees, the shapes of the text, the overlapping of curves. In the past I've only really worked with plain white paper, focusing on the book structure, the way the pages overlap and how the shadows fall. I didn't want to complicte that. But (another but!) it's actually quite nice to see the text on the page, it almost turns into a pattern until single words jump out. Like spider.

I like the shadows they cast too... I was putting my face down low and pretending to be in a curly tree forrest. Next plan is to make a bigger one, and add in some birds... I've been thinking about birds a lot.

I've also been thinking about this bloging business. There's so much good stuff out there, so many people writing about interesting, thought provoking things and showing the beautiful things they've made. So much inspiration I sometimes feel my head will explode! So much to see I sometimes feel I will get lost and never find my way back, or worse, miss something... Although I don't like to admit it i'm a bit (a bit!) of a control freak. When I make my work I write down every possible option and get frustrated when I can't make them all. I find making choices between things hard. So imagine my trouble when evey blog has a list of links to other amazing blogs, and each one of them with a list... and every day more! How do you keep up?!

But really, I do love this thing that's going on all around me. I find it intriguing, being invited to peek through the windows of other peoples lives, into other worlds (or infact the same world, which is what makes it so nice). Perhaps it's because I'm nosey, but I think it's more than that. It's an exchange of information, a community I never knew existed. I'm really glad I've discovered it all. Very inspiring...

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Peg said...

Oooooo the pop up trees are fabulous!!! Just beautiful!!!