Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last day of teaching before maternity leave. I still have a week or so to go but there'll be no students around, so it felt like a last day, that strange feeling as I walked out the door. And apart from a late start due to a fall on the ice this morning (baby's ok, I'm ok) it's been a good day. A reminder-of-what-I enjoy-about-my-job day. I hope when I go back in a year I can remember how to do it!

Anyway,  I've got thoughts of how I want to spend the next month before the baby arrives. Thoughts of tidying and organising; so many unfinished jobs around the house, so many brown stalks in the garden, a room full of books and paper and cloth and whoknowswhat that needs turning into a room full space for a new person. I'm a massive hoarder but I can feel a purge coming on, and that feeling doesn't come very often so I want to take advantage of it. I'm feeling inspired by the fact that the total worldly possessions of this small person inside me can currently fit into one medium box, and whilst I'm fully aware that these things change drastically it's made me wonder how I've accumulated so much stuff in my life. Its too easy isn't it. So off it goes.

I'm on a precipice.

ps spot the chicken


acornmoon said...

I am sending you all my very best wishes for you and your little one. I am sure the nest building instinct is strong right now, how lovely! Are you going to make a new quilt I wonder? Have a wonderful Christmas.

Paper Chipmunk said...

What lovely, wonderful news! I'm so happy for you, really and truly. I think I was a bit slow on the uptake from your previous post.

As a fellow hoarder, I envy your ability to purge, no matter what necessity has brought it on. Good luck!

Have a very happy Christmas! I'm sure we'll all be thinking of you as February grows closer.

Sarah said...

The purging is going surprisingly well ta, 3 bin bags of folded up bits of paper/half finished books/scribbled notes for the recycling yesterday, hope I can keep it up :)

Happy Christmas to you too xxx

hello poppet said...

yay for maternity leave, nesting and purging. it's so cathartic. hope you have a wonderful christmas and that bebe arrivessafe and well soon. enjoy your time making a new little home for the wee one.


ps - after some looking, chicken spotted! :))