Monday, 16 August 2010


Thank you for your kind words yesterday, it means lot to me to know I'm not just going crazy on my own. I've tried to slow down, or at least slow my brain down, and finish one thing at a time. And make sure I finish it too. Because jumping off on tangents is what gets me wound up I think, trying to hold too many things in my head at once (I think that's why I don't like chess either, or mental arithmetic, I think my brain works best in linear...)

Anyway, I've been out in the garden digging today. Turning over the soil. Trying not to slice worms. Teasing out roots. It's been sunny.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I find that these feelings are part of my experience of being and artist as well.

Sometimes I feel like book arts can be a way to create calmness and order when you need it.

Maddy Pikarsky said...

just found you. wondrous. check my blog too if time and welcome any feedback, as new to all this...! thanks


Paper Chipmunk said...

You are definitely not going crazy on your own. Anecdotally and in newspaper articles, I've been hearing that all kinds of people, not just creative types like us, are finding it increasingly hard to concentrate and feel scattered. Our ever more fragmented and computer-enhanced world gets the blame. I often feel frustrated and as if I'm losing my mind myself. I'm thinking nature is probably just the right therapy.

Sarah said...

That is so true about our computer enhanced world, the length of my concentration span scares me these days!! At least I'm aware of it I suppose, next step comcentration practise... :)