Friday, 6 June 2008

one friday

I wrote this on Friday, but it wouldn't post...

I work long hours in my job. Sometimes I feel like I've only just left and it's time to go back again, only time in the evenings to cook my tea and go to bed... In winter I thought it was bad because it was always dark when I arrived at work and when I left, but it didn't cross my mind that in summer I would feel like I was stuck inside, missing all the sun! (because, of course, I always want what what I don't have, don't we all...)

Anyway, days like today make it so so worth it. The time I spend in the evenings at work give me the whole of Friday off, a whole extra day to get things done or, in fact, just do nothing and let the world go by. Today has been a combination of both...

leisurely grass cutting (but not trimming the edges...)
making a book for my friends wedding tomorrow
eating toast and lemon curd (bad for the teeth, but yummy all the same)
hanging out washing in the sun
finding a thermometer for my worm bin* (it really does seem very hot in that black plastic bin, I hope they're ok!)
bit of reading, but slowly, because the ending is so sad :(

All in sloppy I'm-not-leaving-my-house-today clothes. Brilliant. So, if you hear me complaining about having to work late you would be correct to tell me to shut right up :)

*The worm bin arrived yesterday evening. I set it up in the rain. In the dark. You see I didn't want the worms to spend their first night here stuck in a bag. I nipped out to check on the worms before I went to bed (as you do) and found a load of them all over the outside of the bin; escaping! That's when I realized there is a massive chunk smashed out of one side of the lid, presumably done in transit, and the worms were out to explore... Torch in hand I collected them up and taped up the gap, then panicked they might get stuck to the tape on the inside, took off the lid to tape up the tape and realized that because it was dark a load more were climbing over the side and would be squished when I replaced the now worm proof lid. Aghh. no wonder they want to escape, I'm a liability! My goodness, worrying about the worms kept me awake last night, but I rushed out this morning to find them safe and sound, and I gave them some manky beetroot leaves as a house warming present. Hopefully they'll want to stay...


pricklypearbloom said...

Worm bin? What is this worm bin? I've never heard of that. We have compost bins, which employ wild worms to do their business, but I don't ever need to worry about escaping worms.

Sarah said...

Hi pricklypearbloom, I've added a link in my post to the type of worm bin I have...

It's just like a compost bin really, and the worms are probably the same wild ones, but because my landlady won't allow me to have a compost bin (she is worried it will attract rats, which may or may not be true :) ) the worm bin does the same job, just in a contained environment.

The worms seem to be settling in well now, there's already a layer of worm compost (or worm poo as my other half keeps telling me as I run my hands through it admiringly...) where brocalli once was, its exciting!