Thursday, 4 October 2007

envelope problem

I've spent today trying to make some kind of envelope for some tree cards I've been making. I thought it might be nice if there was some kind of surprise opening method but the design kept getting more and more complicated, with more and more folds... I think perhaps now I'm just going to go for something plain and simple like I had in the first place, I don't want the envelope to be confusing, and really the card should be the surprise shouldn't it?

Oh I'm so bad at making decisions, so many possibilities... why can't I just decide on one thing!


Yvette said...

because there's so many folding possibilities. You're spoilt for choice here. I love the folding.

Freshly Found said...

Aah this is the creative process!! A mixture of Ideas, Try Outs, Failure and finally Success! I am working on a project at the moment and seem to be wondering around the scrunched up paper phase too!