Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Well, today is my 100th post! 100 days of thoughts and ideas and trees and books and ramblings. And seen as 100 seems like an important number to get to I thought I'd celebrate by having a little give away... (think of it as a thank you putting up with me :) )

So if you'd like to receive a little something from me in the post just leave a comment on this post (say by 8pm on Friday?) and the one I pick randomly from the hat (although it will probably be a cardboard box, but hey) will be the winner of this book you see here...

It's not very practical for writing in but it's fun to hold and wiggle around!

I really appreciate the support I have found from you lovely community of bloggers. And not to go all soppy but I think it's really made a difference to my out look on life. I feel like I notice things more now, ponder things more, make things more. So thank you. And now don't be shy, leave a comment!


Riverlark said...

Anyway I can rig this, Sarah? I *love*, *LOVE* your little books.
Ok, I'll be fair and patient. And happy 100th post ! I'm so glad to have found you!

Jessica said...

Happy 100th, how do you keep track of them anyhow? please consider me in your give away. I agree, that because of my blog I am creating more. Do you think positive creative energy can travel across an ocean?

tiffany... said...

whoo hoo!
two more posts and i hit two hundred... a give away... i always love those in blogland... i think i'll have to copy!

Paperfaerie said...

100 posts. That's a whole lot isn't it? One day that'll be me and I love the idea of giving stuff away, it's quite magical, so well done.

fingers crossed ;-)

Catherine said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! That is a great achievement. Your little book there is so lovely, they look quite tricky to make. It is lovely to be able to read about other people and their creations and life and thoughts through blogging, I look forward to reading more from you.

Sarah said...

Isn't is so weird that we both reached 100 posts on 31 July!! Woohoo!
And as for 'putting up with you', my god, you underestimate yourself! I certainly do not 'put up with you and your blog', I absolutely look forward to reading your new entries! And yes, I whole heartedly agree with all your comments on blogging. Well done you!

paper. string. cloth said...

I'm in!
Congratulations on your 100 - I look forward to reading the next 100......
Thanks for sharing your creativity with us - I know the inspiration goes both ways!

BookGirl said...

Congratulations on your 100th, Sarah! I'm inching up on mine and think it's quite an accomplishment (wish I had as much discipline about my bookmaking).

I'm closing my eyes, and crossing my fingers, and making a wish that I'll be the winner of your wonderful giveaway.

karen said...

Congratulations on your milepost
of reaching 100 posts. I have
enjoyed your entries and the
photographs of your wonderful
books. Wishing you continued
creativitiy and joy in the
everyday stuff of life.
(and wishing me to be the winner of
the drawing!)

amisha said...

congratulations on your 100th post! i love my visits here so much and i'm so glad to know you :)