Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Happy day

Thank you so much to Peggy for her lovely comments about the book I sent her. It was made as part of the 5x7art swap, and she received it today. Here is one of the beautiful photos she has taken

She has written about it here and here

I really enjoyed making the book. It began its life in the month I spent at Cove Park in the Scottish Highlands. I was given the opportunity to stay there for a month, and it's a fantastic place. I had a studio space and a lovely pod to live in, surrounded by grass and hills, water and sky. It was an amazing time.

So the idea was to create something that was inspired by walking through the grass. Some of the grass there was up to my waist, and every morning I would walk up from my pod to the studio through the grass and wild flowers and it's one one my clearest memories of the place.

But the book never really captured that whilst I was there. I suppose I was too close to the real thing. When my stay came to an end I carefully packed it all up into a box and came home. But a few months later it seems to have setttled, and when I signed up to the art swap I got the box full of messy bits of paper out and stareted to play...

I think it worked out better this time. I added some drawings of grasses on handmade grassy paper, and wrote some words about how the place made me feel. And then posted it off to America, to Peggy. And she seemed to like it, I'm glad it's found a good home.

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Peg said...

Oh Sarah - I am still in awe of the book! I can't quit looking at it! Again, thank you so much!!
I'm glad that I found your blog!!