Monday, 26 February 2007

Decisions decisions

Someone who works in my office is going to live and work here...

Imagine! You can go and stay there if you like to walk, it's a Youth Hostle in Ennerdale, Cumbria. No cars, no telly, no phones... Its something she's always wanted to do, and now she is, in less than a month.

It makes me question my decisions in life. Which is the correct path to take? I started my job thinking it would last a month, and 6 months later i'm still here. The thing is it's ok, it pays the bills and the people are all really nice and I can do the job, the question is, is that enough? So now I have the choice to stay on a little bit longer, and I just don't know. You see I know I would only have to get another job soon enough if I left this one. But can you live your life like that? Taking the safe option?

There's things I want to be doing. Working on my art, sewng books, drawing the things growing around me, living my life I suppose. Opportunities I could (should?) be taking. Who knows, i'm sure one day it will all make sense...

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