Wednesday, 28 April 2010

in on my own on wednesday evening

I was looking back through old blog posts this evening, not something I do often really, unless I'm looking for something specific that I've written or made or seen, which I wasn't. Just feeling nostalgic I suppose.

From the age of 14 to around 19 I kept a diary. On and off, nothing serious, a few lines to a page every night, what I was thinking that night, before I went to sleep. And it's funny to read back through it now, interesting, to see with hindsight, to reflect. To try and look at the things I think now through the eyes of myself in the future, try and see life with wisdom, the bigger picture, something like that. And the other day I had the thought that I wished I still kept a diary. How could I forget my blog?!

So this must have been on my mind. And I looked back to three years ago this month. Found this, about my hopes for the future, or perhaps I was just complaining... But something hit me in the face when I realised. I've got pretty much exactly what I thought I wanted, right down to the paper stored flat, the wooden floor. The funny thing strange thing sad thing is I don't have the energy to use it.

How about that.


Fiona said...

I sometimes get that feeling but don't worry soon you'll wake up with your head buzzing with ideas and energy pulsing through your body.

acornmoon said...

It is so important as Virginia Wolf would say, for a woman to have "a room of ones one" because one day your energy will return and then just imagine the wonderful books, boxes and creations you will create.

sheena said...

thank you so much for stopping by my blog! love your blog and I LOOOOVE your shop!!