Sunday, 8 March 2009

Busy days at the book fair. Lots of talking and looking at books. And some sales, which is always nice :)

I shared the stall with Caroline and Ruth (who doesn't have an etsy shop yet, but we're working on it!) and they were very good stall mates indeed, especially as they covered for me for most of Saturday whilst I had fun helping children make books...

Above is a selection of the ones I managed to get pictures of, you can click to make them bigger (and there's some great details on there; like a mouse with his cheese inside his house, a puzzel book, galaxys through the window and Dr Who in his tardis!) All the children and young people were so well behaved and polite and talented, they were a pleasure to work with, and I was so pleased with all the creative ideas they came up with to fill their books. A good day.


Anonymous said...

It looked like a great book fair!

acornmoon said...

Sounds like you had fun. I would have loved to have attended, maybe next year.


Hi, your stand looks amazing!

Have a great day
Carolyn :o)